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Business Fields - Findings and Risks

Business Rule Fields for CMO Findings and Risks.

Each of these settings can be found by following this path in CMO:

  1. Log in as an Admin.
  2. From the home screen, click Admin.
  3. Click Business Rules from the side bar menu. 
  4. Click your company name.
    • You will automatically land on the Business Rules Settings page. 
  5. From here, click the Fields tab in the top left corner of the page.
  6. Navigate to the Findings section of the page. 

The table below describes setting options for the Findings section on the Business Rules - Fields page. 




Setting Functionality
Risk Matrix When checked, a Risk Matrix displays within the Risk module and within Individual findings for a Finding to be recorded on. Users will be able to select a cell of the risk matrix to assess a finding's risk level.
Finding Date Assessed When checked, this option adds an Assessed Date field to Findings which shows the day the finding was created.
Show Finding Category (on List & Form) When checked, the Finding Category will display on the Event and Finding Registers.
Event Title (Finding Pop-up) When checked, the Title is displayed as a pop-up when recording a Finding.
Capture Potential Loss When checked, a Potential Loss manual entry field will appear for a user to capture the Potential Loss. This appears on the New Risk screen.
Residual Risk When checked, a user has the ability to record Residual Risk based for a finding. This field appears on the New Risk screen, and takes the user to a risk matrix when clicked.
Current Risk (Risk Register) When checked, this enabled the current Risk field, which is used to record the existing inherent risk of a Finding that is not mitigated.
Show Finding Status When clicked, the Finding Status field will display in the Finding record. Findings can also be moved through statuses by users with editing privileges.
Show Question and Response on Finding List Question and Response will display on the Findings Register for the finding recorded. The question and response will appear inside the Finding record.
Allow Default Findings to be created during perform When checked, users have the ability to create default findings while performing an Event. These default findings will be available for users to create additional findings for  future use, rather than the traditional blank finding that is presented to a user during the Create New Finding process.
Save & New When checked, the Save & New button appears at the bottom of the New Risk screen. Save & New allows users to save their current Finding and create a new Finding directly after the first is created.
Show additional info fields before finding If checked this will display the Finding form additional information fields after the Finding Category field and before the Finding description field.
Allow Ability to show / add comments When checked, users can view or add comments to a Finding. This appears in the New Risk screen and in the Finding details page.
Display Risk Scores

When checked, Risk Scores for the Finding recorded are displayed within the Risk Matrix when selecting a specific cell.

Note: By default, scores range from 1-25, but can be configured to other values. This happens in the Edit Risk Matrix screen.


When checked, a Categories field will appear as a cog wheel option for the Findings register.

Note: The Finding Register's configuration cog wheel is located in the upper right corner of the register.


When checked, a Type field will appear as a cog wheel option for the Findings register.

Note: The Finding Register's configuration cog wheel is located in the upper right corner of the register.

Ability  to set Finding to Confidential When checked, the user has the ability to set Findings to Confidential. When enabled, this feature displays a confidential lock icon on the Findings Operations menu.
Finding Category mandatory

When checked, the Finding Category field is a *required field.

Note: If disabled, the Finding Category still appears in the New Risk screen, but it is no longer a required field.

Split Finding Category in Risk Assessment When performing a risk assessment, the parent and child finding categories will be displayed in separate columns. This will display in templates that have been chosen to be risk assessments.

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