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Legal Hold (Acuity Version)

Acuity's Legal Hold

In Acuity, designated client users can initiate, edit, track, and manage legal hold notifications so they can manage the anticipation of litigation, regulatory investigation or other events that may cause company data to be preserved.


Client users can create a Legal Hold and relate that same hold to their existing Matter Management system.    

1.      Select the Legal Hold link at the top of the page.

2.      Click the Sub-Navigation menu option Search Legal Hold.   

3.      Perform a search first to ensure the Legal Hold does not already exist.   


4.      If Legal Hold does not exist, select the Sub-Navigation menu Create Legal Hold to get started. 


5. Click the Create button to complete a new Legal Hold Profile.

Note: The citrus color indicates which fields are required before you can successfully create a Legal Hold Profile.  

6.      Upon creation, Acuity will auto-assign a unique Legal Hold Number and add today’s date as the Created Date.

Note:  These fields are not editable.

7.      All other fields are editable by the Legal Hold Manager while the Legal Hold status is in a Draft status. 

8.      To link a Legal Hold to a Matter, click the Assign Matter button:


Note: The Assign Matter button will not display until you have completed the initial Legal Hold Profile set up.  The matter search will only return results that match the assigned Practice Area and Matter Type within the profile. 

9.     Users in the Legal Hold Assistant Role can view Legal Holds in connection to their assigned Practice Areas. 

10.  To provide additional instructions, click Add Document or add additional notes within the Legal Hold Scope field. 

11.  To issue a Legal Hold, click the Issue button.  If Custodians are not attached, the below warning will be thrown:


12.  Once issued, Acuity will send the Legal Hold Notice to each custodian. 

13.  To add an additional custodian, click the Add button.  Custodian’s can be added after a Legal Hold’s initial issue. 


14.  Closing a Legal Hold will automatically release all custodians.

Note: The system will generate a warning, you have the option to cancel this action. 


15.  Acuity will notify custodians when a Legal Hold is closed. 

Create New Custodian

Acuity created a recipient database to house existing Custodians as well as provide the ability to create new ones.    

1.      Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Manage Potential Custodians

2.      Perform a search first to ensure the custodian does not already exist.

3.      If the custodian does not exist, select the Create button to get started.


4.      Fill out the Create form.


5.      Click the Save button to create the new custodian. 

Note:  Email address, First and Last Name are required fields and must be completed before you can create successfully

Search Notices/Custodians

Acuity built a Notice database so users can search for specific Notices/Custodians tied to an overarching Legal Hold.      

1.      Click on the Sub-Navigation menu option Search Notices/Custodians. 

2.      Several Search filters are available:


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