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Creating a Headquarter Role & User (HQ User Portal Setup)

This article will guide you on how to create and manage HQ user.

Follow these instructions to create a Headquarter Role & related User for Portal Access

1- Navigate to a Corporation linked under the related Headquarter you desire to add the HQ Role & User to.  A Corporation / Employer must be linked to a Headquarter to create a HQ Role.

2- Click “Corp Users” in the Corporation level left-menu

If you do not see this left-menu item, please click “Customize my shortcuts” at the bottom of the menu in the “More Options”, mark the option and click “Save”

3- Creating the Headquarter (HQ) Role : In the “Role Management” section, click “Add New Employer Role”

4- Name the HQ Role and configure the appropriate access levels desired, click “Save” when complete.

5- Continue to edit/configure the related Access rights for the HQ Access Role.  Click the “pencil” icon to configure.

6- Check or uncheck related items as needed, click the checkmark to save the access configuration.

7- Creating the Headquarter (HQ) User : In the “User Management” section, click “Add New User”

8- Enter HQ User’s Information as appropriate, select the HQ Role just created in previous steps

9- Mark the boxes if the HQ User requires “Signatory” & “Portal Access” rights

9.1- If Portal Access is enabled, mark the box if you would like to invite the HQ User to use the Portal now.  Users can be invited later when ready if desired.

10- Click “Save”

11- Send the email invite to the HQ User to communicate their User ID & to have them create their password.  Continue to add any additional recipients to notify or add any other templates or attachments if needed.  Click “Send Email” when ready to invite the user to begin using the Portal.

We hope this helps you in managing the HQ Role (Headquarter User) features and functions, but in case you need any support or additional guidance please reach out directly via the in-app support chat feature or via

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