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How to Define Billing Codes and Non-US Tax Codes for a New Client

This is a part of setting up a new client from the Client Setup > 1 Codes page.

Your client has already specified a list of authorized billing codes for your use. You can review the list of authorized codes from the Client Setup > 1 Codes page.

If you will be uploading LEDES invoices to Collaborati and you would like to continue using your internal billing codes, you may do so if you associate each to the equivalent codes in the corresponding client-authorized list. By default, it is assumed that you are using the client's billing codes.

Note: If you're submitting LEDES invoices, you need to enter at least one Internal Client Code (multiple Internal Client Codes can be entered and they should be separated by a comma). From your invoice file, the CLIENT_ID field values will be validated against the Internal Client Code value(s) you provide.

  1. To set up non-US Tax codes, click the link Non-US Tax Codes. A page appears showing all of the codes that the client has authorized. Click the Use check-box for each code that your firm will use. You may also enter your own corresponding internal billing code in the Billing Code field. If you do, you can then use that billing code in LEDES files instead of the client's code.
  2. If you will be creating invoices in Collaborati using the web form, you can clear the check-box in the Use column to indicate that you will not use a billing code or Non-US Tax code in your invoices. This might be useful if you would like to restrict the values in the codes drop-lists while creating online invoices in Collaborati. By default, it is assumed that you will be using all client billing codes and Non-US Tax codes.
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